ALEAVIA | Orchid Body Cleanse

This just smells so good. It has a very unique texture to it, almost serum-like. Don’t expect big lather! But gets the job done, and love the giant bottle.

Mind and Body Wash

BATHING CULTURE | Mind and Body Wash

My new favorite body wash! Many times natural soaps/body washes don’t really get through things like sunscreen, so I was so excited to discover that this wash removes my mineral sunscreens easy peasy. A little goes a looong way, too! And the smell is definitely invigorating. Big bonus points for being packaged in a reusable, refillable glass bottle.

Plant Apothecary Moisturizing Body Wash

PLANT APOTHECARY | Plant Apothecary Moisturizing Body Wash

Start Happy is a fantastic fragrance…love the combination of geranium and peppermint, so refreshing!

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