Clean beauty products I’m using and loving

Up-to-date as of: 4.26.24

(Items marked with a * are products that I’ve been using for a minimum of 2 years. AKA my ride-or-dies.)


What I’m working with: I just turned 50. Combo skin in the warmer months, dry in the colder, and it’s super freaking sensitive: can’t really do many essentials oils, abrasives, or a lot of titanium dioxide (basically I’m pushing for a new skin-type called PITA).



What I’m working with: 3A/3B curls, fine hair that’s easily weighed down (but a lot of it…thus my all-time-favorite stylist’s nickname for my hair: ‘the Beast’).


What I’m working with: Combo to dry skin, product-sensitive. Blue-gray eyes, light-medium neutral skintone. Late-40’s so I’m off the sparkles and shimmer as they’re not a girls’ friend when it comes to the lovely fine-lineness of it all…beauty over 40 for me leans less-is-more.

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