May 22, 2024

BEAUTY HEROES Shopping List: My TOP 25 Products to grab during the sale!

Originally published 6/21/23

Beauty Heroes is one of my favorite places to shop for healthy beauty. Not only do they offer one of the best subscription boxes (which includes additional membership perks), you definitely get the feeling that the products carried are hand-picked, using the best of standards. It’s a much more curated collection of brands, and luckily some of my favorite products and product lines!

Updated for the MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE, 20% OFF! (click here to jump to my picks)

Beauty Heroes logo

Beauty Heroes ® was one of the first clean beauty shops I came across when I began my switch to safer beauty. BH believes that “everyone, everywhere, should have access to healthy beauty”, and they provide that access via a monthly subscription box that is offered at a giant discount. It features a selection of products from one clean brand, including a full-size ‘Hero’ product along with a few sidekicks. You really can’t beat it…for $40-$58 a month (depending on your payment option), you get at least $100 in product (the selections I received usually totaled over $200!). Not only did I find some true loves this way, I also got to try items that would normally be way out of budget.

You don’t have to be a member to shop at BEAUTY HEROES!

BH is a fantastic shop that carries many of my favorite clean brands, and you can shop without being a subscriber (though do know that active subscribers receive 15% off of any and all orders!).

Best reasons to shop at BEAUTY HEROES:

  • Great selection of clean brands
  • You can trust that you’re purchasing healthy beauty products
  • Beauty Heroes offers free US and Canada shipping for orders over $75
  • All orders are shipped carbon neutral, and they offset one pound of plastic with each order through rePurpose Global
  • Have friendly, outstanding customer service and an easy return policy!

About that SALE…?

The Memorial Day sale is going on now through May 27th. You get 20% off of everything, sitewide, with just a couple of brand exclusions. No code needed! Additional coolness: Beauty Heroes pays to offset 1 pound of plastic with every order AND offset the carbon generated in shipping…more reasons to feel great about your order beyond big savings!

I always like to take advantage of a sale to stock up on staples, but it’s also a great time to try a fun new something (I’ll be grabbing a few favorites that I’m getting dangerously low on, but also plan to try a newly launched cleanser that I’m excited about for my sensitive skin!). Below you’ll find a list of my top 25 products organized by makeup, skincare, body and hair.

My favorite products from


ERE PEREZ | Jojoba Eye Pencil

Closest clean dupe for my old favorite liner (Urban Decay). Stone and Bronze are my go-tos, both so pretty. Earth is also a great staple.

Beauty Heroes Fitglow Lip Colour Serum

FITGLOW BEAUTY | Lip Colour Serum

There’s a reason these lip glosses are so beloved. They are just so comfy on. Beautiful colors, packed full of goodness for your lips, and no stickiness (I actually wish they had a bit more sticky so they’d last a tad longer). Love the scent, too! I’m a big fan of Buff, Root and Gospel.

Beauty Heroes review Fitglow Correct + Peach

FITGLOW BEAUTY | Correct + Peach

If you’re hunting for a replacement for YSL Touche Eclat, this is it. On days I’ve got sleep-deprived and/or allergy-related dark circles, a tiny tiny tiny bit of this before my concealer works WONDERS.

Beauty Heroes review Henne Organics Luxury lip tint

HENNE ORGANICS | Luxury Lip Tint

I came across this fantastic clean tinted lip balm when I was hunting for a clean dupe for Black Honey (my teenager joined the TikTok Black Honey madness a while back). I fell in love with these Lip Tints, such a terrific moisturizing tinted lip balm with great color payoff, and the shade Muse is pretty dang close to Black Honey…BH is slightly browner, but not by much. Gorgeous, and can’t wait to try other shades!

Beauty Heroes Rituel de Fille Ethereal Veil concealer review

RITUEL DE FILLE | The Ethereal Veil Conceal & Cover

The best concealer, hands down. Applying this in key areas (under-eye, nose, cheeks, chin), I’ve been able to do away with foundation. Just buy it. I use the shade Metis.

Rituel de Fille Forbidden lipstick in Oracle review

RITUEL DE FILLE | Forbidden Lipstick in Oracle

Oh how I love the color Oracle. I normally reach for a gloss, but this has become one of my favorite lippies. Terrific neutral shade, and the scent of LAVENDER is just different and wonderful. Creamy, feels great, and you can sheer it out easily or layer it on thick. I just love it!

RMS Eyelights at Beauty Heroes Blue Friday

RMS BEAUTY | Eyelights

I could just kiss RMS! I was so sad when I had to break up with Ilia’s cream shadow as it caused an allergic reaction #stupidsensitiveskin. Eyelights *might* even apply a little easier as it doesn’t dry down quite as fast. The colors are gorgeous (I have Blaze and Strobe and love them both equally). Fantastic for a one-and-done eye.

Liplights Cream Lip Gloss

RMS BEAUTY | Liplights Cream Lip Gloss

Packed with soothing botanical butters and lip-plumping peptides, this hybrid lippe is the goodies. It has the FEEL of a lip balm, and is definitely not a sticky, super-shiny gloss…more like a high shine lipstick. Colors are vivid, so don’t think tinted lip balm, no no; you can make the color as opaque (or not) as you’d like. And speaking of color, the shade Rumor is the shade I’ve been hunting for and I’m THRILLED. They describe it as a dusty mauve, but I’d call it the perfect brownish mauve, and I’ve been trying to achieve this color with mixes of lippies and lip liners to no avail. It’s become my go-to lippie!!! You can see my full review here, where I snuck it into my best clean lip balms as the Best Clean Balm/Lipstick Hybrid.


Beauty Heroes revew Activist Manuka green face serum

ACTIVIST MANUKA | Green Botanical Face Serum

They had me at “healing, and anti-inflammatory”! Honey is well known for both its antibacterial and moisturizing properties, and when I saw this was included in a Beauty Heroes Discovery box, I had to try it. Smells good, feels good, no irritation and definitely moisturizing. I know it’s labeled a serum, but just a heads’ up that this is definitely an oil. A staple in the arsenal, and one of my favorites for sensitive skin!

FITGLOW BEAUTY | Night Lip Serum

I’ve been through many tubes of this now, it’s just that effective. I’ve seen the lines that are trying to form around my lips fade away, and the pucker still feels moisturized in the morning. This one I have come to love so much that I gift it, as it’s definitely a splurge for most folks (though I only use it once a day, before bed, so one tube lasts quite a while!). My top pick for clean nighttime lip treatment. Stock up on sale!!

Honua Malu spf 30 review beauty heroes

HONUA SKINCARE | Malu Protecting Day Cream + SPF30

One of my favorite clean face sunscreens! In the summer it’s a bit too glowy for me and has a wee bit of whitecast, but it’s perfection in the dryer months (saved me last winter!). Reef safe, hydrating and plays nicely with makeup, doesn’t irritate my crazy skin.

KARI GRAN | Naked Peppermint Lip Whip

This is what you want in a lip mask: it’s thick and nourishing…feels very protective, and is perfect during the cold weather months when my lips tend to get super chapped. This right here is the clean Vaseline dupe you’ve been looking for, but so much better…more hydrating, more staying power, more minty (though I wish it had a wee bit more! There’s also a cinnamon version if that’s your jam) and more youthful-looking lips! It is in a jar, but this stays on my nightstand to be used first thing in the morning so not a deal breaker. And it lasts through lots of coffee AND breakfast. Definitely my pick for best natural lip balm for dry, chapped lips. A wintertime savior!

KHUS + KHUS | D DROP Humectant Factor

Hydrated skin = less-aged-looking skin. And more importantly hydrated skin keeps your barrier strong. I began using this (along with the Activist Green Serum above) last winter when my skin got incredibly dry. It was a HUGE help, layered well with all of my other favorite products, and of course causes no irritation. I’d also venture to bet that the peppermint (yes, wee bit of peppermint) helped to get rid of a bit of dermatitis. Super refreshing, especially in hot weather…I wish I could use it whole-body! If you’re looking for a hydrator, this is a great one.

Le Prenuier plum oil beauty heroes review

LE PRUNIER | Plum Beauty Oil

I’m proud to say that I started using this oil not too long after it launched, before all the hype. But know this…the hype is real. My skin loves this, and in fact it was one of the only oil moisturizers I could use for a long time (thanks again, perioral dermatitis). Pure plum oil, from my home state! Moisturizing, plumping and so gentle. So hard to find an oil that doesn’t freak out my skin. Just can’t beat it.

leahlani mermaid mask review

LEAHLANI | Mermaid Mask

I came across Leahlani skincare years ago when the founder was just starting out (on Etsy!). It was before I truly began my journey towards clean beauty, but I love all things tropical and Hawaiian and her aesthetic immediately drew me in. Flash forward many years later, and I still love and use this fantastic mask. And I can’t describe it better than they have: “An emerald superfood smoothie for the skin that nourishes, purifies, and revitalizes the complexion. Brimming with pristine, nutrient-dense Hawaiian spirulina, raw honey, cleansing sea clay, and the most cleanly-sourced chlorella on the planet, this green goddess harnesses nature’s abundance to give your skin a radiant aloha glow.” Yep, all that. I’ve truly loved very few face masks, and this is one of them.

Beauty Heroes Lilfox Chill Wands review

LILFOX | Chill Wands

Another great item to grab at a great sale! These are great for depuffing, etc., but I find that where they really help me is with my sinuses. Rolling these around on my face brings a ton of relief when my allergies and sinuses are acting up. Not to mention, great relief during a hot flash…just roll these bad boys down the back of your neck, chest, wrists…whatever cools you down!

Maya Chia the eye achiever Beauty Heroes

MAYA CHIA | The Eye Achiever Multi-Correction Eye Serum

Stocking up on ALL of my Maya Chia faves during a sale, that’s for sure! Eye Achiever is such an awesome eye product…I occasionally cheat on this when something new comes out, but I always come back. Hydrating but fast-absorbing, lessens those fine lines with no irritation…just totally reliable.

Maya Chia the Straight A review

MAYA CHIA | The Straight A

Ride-or-die, the best plant-based retinol available. Doesn’t irritate my super-sensitive skin. Stock up!!

The Super Lift Vitamin C-More Maya Chia review

MAYA CHIA | The Super Lift Vitamin C-More

Everyone needs a vitamin C serum in their routine, and I’ve finally found one that doesn’t freak my skin out! This really does have a lovely, immediate firming effect on the skin, and my skin definitely has gotten brighter and smoother. And the smell…it’s like walking through an orange grove. One of my top clean beauty finds of 2021!


Ingredients deodorant spray review

INGREDIENTS® | Deodorant Spray

When you use a natural deodorant, reapplication can be necessary, especially during the summer! I keep a bottle of this in my purse because not only is it a great odor killer, it’s dries SUPER fast. Organic, no baking soda or coconut oil, maintains the your natural PH levels, AND stain-free. Plus the lovely scent of lavender.

Nopalera moisturizing botanical bar review

NOPALERA | Moisturizing Botanical Bar

This is a lovely moisturizing bar that smells so freaking good (citrusy/herbal). Let’s face it, we are finally getting to travel more, and bars like these make for great travel companions. Takes up no space! And makes your skin feel great…I like to use in the shower to seal in all of the moisture.

OSEA Undaria oil review

OSEA | Undaria Algae Oil

One of my favorite body oils, sinks in and seals in the moisture after a shower, particularly love this in the warmer months. Smells so good! Definitely a great item to stock up on during a sale.


Innersense Organic Beauty I create finish review

INNERSENSE | I Create Finish

My favorite clean hairspray. Great to use on wet hair to provide more hold to my curls prior to diffusing, or as a finisher to keep things in line.

Innersense Organic Beauty I create volume review

INNERSENSE | I Create Volume

I’m so glad my stylist turned me on to this. I’d previously passed it by as ‘lotions’ typically weigh my curls down, but this is actually a lightweight liquid gel! I couldn’t get the I Create Hold gel to work for me, but this stuff is fantastic.

Comment below with any questions. Hero products will sell out quick, so GO! Quick like a bunny!

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