September 6, 2022

Summer Discoveries

I hope you had a great summer! As usual, it flew by. Here’s a few of my favorite finds from the past few months….

Miracle Shield is gamechanger for curly hair getting a lot of time in the sun (or just a lot of diffuser time). Doesn’t weigh down my fine curls, and my hair feels so much better after diffusing when I use this. New staple.

Speaking of diffusing, I bit the bullet and bought this hair dryer, and it’s my final answer to the epic Dyson or no Dyson question (the answer is no…get the Shark!)! I’ve absolutely loved it…that giant diffusing bowl is the GOODIES.

Who embraced the coastal grandma vibe this summer? I’m raising my hand high!!! Love me some oversized, comfy, lightweight clothes. And when I found this romper I just knew I’d live in it all summer…and I did. So cute with a tank, fitted tee or even as a bathing suit coverup! So many compliments, and so. freaking. comfortable. Size up by 2 to get the fit they show in the pics.

I don’t know about you, but it drives me batty when my watch band is sticking to me. Luckily I scored this gorgeous band for my Apple Watch for my birthday, and I didn’t take it off all summer. Made of super lightweight Italian acetate, the links allow airflow which means no sweaty wrists. And it’s BEAUTIFUL. I loved that it worked for casual as well as more dressy occasions. So comfortable, so pretty. And MACHETE is an eco-conscious line of jewelry & accessories…the cellulose acetate and bio-acetate that they source “…are natural and renewable materials, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based materials”. (I also love their hoop earrings!)

Earlier in the summer I got to try Live Botanical’s new Solar Return Revitalizing Essence ahead of official release, and I have to say it’s become one of my favorite products! Created to be restorative to sun-loved and/or retinol-treated skin, it’s hydrating and refreshing (especially so if kept in the fridge!), and contains no essential oils so it’s fab for us sensitive-skinned peeps. I didn’t change much about my skincare routine this summer other than adding this to the mix, and my fine lines are definitely improved, plus I don’t get nearly the peeling and dryness from my retinols (plant-based or Altreno). Definitely adding this to my list of favorites from LB! Grab it while you can…it’s a seasonal release so not sure how much longer it will be in stock. Use code HAPPYMEDIUM for 20% off!!

While I stuck to my my favorite skincare products this summer, one thing I have been testing are clean perfumes (full post on my findings coming soon!). I love an adult (read – not sweet/cloying) coconut fragrance in the summer, and my longtime warm weather go-to has been Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s ALOHA TIARE. While a completely different scent, I have been thoroughly enjoying Heretic’s Dirty Coconut. Definitely a grown-up coconut as it’s tempered by sandalwood and smidge of vanilla. Sexy and tropical without smelling like suntan lotion. A keeper!

Between a bit of tan and the joys of living in a humid climate, makeup is super minimal for me in the summer (if at all!). Typically it’s just concealer where needed, mascara (yes, this one is still my favorite, so good!), blush, bit of bronzer, setting powder in the t-zone and a lippie. But for times I needed some oomph, the only eye shadow I used this summer was this one, in shade Half Light. It’s THE PERFECT taupe…not too cool, not too warm. If my hoods were puffy, I’d just use a wee bit of it there (applied in a windshield wiper motion with a brush) to create depth and push them back. For a night out I would pat it onto my lids as well, and brush lightly underneath my lower lashline for a lovely subdued smoky-bronze look (if I was feeling really frisky, I’d pat Clove + Hallow’s Pressed Pigment in Tender right in the center for extra glow!). Rituel de Fille nails the cream-to-powder genre with their Ash & Ember Eye Soots…great colors, solid staying power, no irritation and keeps my eye area looking smooth instead of crepey.

This bag became one of the girls this summer (like for real…her name is Lucy). Looks like a lovely summer tote, but look out…she stealthes a refillable, insulated bag for holding a round of cocktails or TWO bottles of wine, complete with hidden spout! So handy! Room for a few key items as well (great pockets), along with perhaps a few snacks or a rolled up cardigan for a cool night on the beach. Makes a great gift (got one for my wine-loving SIL)! Not only is she super useful, but she’s so cute I actually used her in a photoshoot.


Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus. The main character is a hoot. She’s a woman trying to be the badass chemist that she is during the 60’s…not easy. She’s formidable but funny (though doesn’t always mean to be), and her young daughter is following closely in her footsteps. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just say this story covers all of the emotions, and the supporting characters are all so great in their own ways. Definitely my favorite read of this summer! (follow me on Goodreads if you need more book recs)


If you missed my Spring Discoveries, I gushed about my favorite podcast, Smartless. It’s still my favorite listen, but recently I found a new podcast called Significant Others that I’ve really enjoyed (and blew through on a quick road trip). Have you ever wondered about the lesser-known partner of famous folks in history? Many times the significant other has been a major influence on their well-known partner. Written and narrated by Liza Powel O’Brien (Conan’s wife) and featuring the voices of Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Rita Wilson, Lisa Kudrow and more, it’s a really interesting and fun listen. Can’t wait for the next installment!

For other summer favorites, make sure to check out last weeks’ “What’s in my beach bag?”, plus this post and this one on Instagram!

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